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  • Centenary Celebration of Eliot’s The Waste Land & Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Bidrohi and Soundbites Reading

    After too much to do and not enough to say, I am breaking my embarrassingly long blog silence to invite you to two upcoming events I am involved with. The first is a recitation of the epic poems The Waste Land by Eliot and Kazi Nazrul Islam’s poem Bidrohi (The Rebel) accompanied by Iive music…

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  • Image of full red moon in dark sky

    Adventures of the Night

    …what many of us are missing is being with others and the sense of community. Online events have done a lot to meet that human need for connection and I really wanted this workshop to bring people together. I’ve often worked with groups to create group pieces so why not create an interactive digital story…

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  • Deepfake Abuse

    Imagine someone was to take images of you from the internet – innocent photgraphs of you taking part in everyday activities, splice them with pornographic and violent images and share them on the web. What would you do when you found out? Go to the police? What if I said this wasn’t an illegal activity…

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    I, Ursula begins with Averse Muse (p.7). A confident poem with a knowing humour, it warns men of the dangers of falling in love with female poets and the reader of what is to come. Here the word ‘suckles’ becomes a weapon, the poet’s honey persona sweet and dangerous as a gingerbread house.

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