Ian Parks

  • Brollies, T-shirts, Commissions, Performance Pride and Poetry on Wednesday 31st July

    It’s been much hotter than expected outside and things have been hotting up for me too – I know, I know, writers are supposed to avoid cliches but I have so much news!  I’ll begin with the most recent piece. On Monday I finished the third and most important draft of my novel ‘Skybound’.  This…

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  • Sowing

    I’ve been so busy that I can barely believe it’s been four weeks since my last blog. ‘How is the book going?’ people keep asking.  My reply at the moment is tentative but consistent, ‘It’s going.’  I am making progress but I am aware I still have quite a way to go.  Between helping my…

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  • Publication, Performances and Giving Up Caffeine

    Since the number of workshops I’m running increased again, I’ve managed to stick to the pledged eight hours a week on Skybound, except that is for the week before last.  However, as last week was a week without workshops, I more than caught up then.  Without wanting to jinx it, I’m currently feeling excited about…

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