Hyde Park Book Club

  • What is Getting me Through

    This blog isn’t about how hard the Covid-19 situation is for everyone.  You all know that. This is about some of the fun or stimulating things I’ve found to do while on lockdown and an online reading I’ll be part of next week. You may already be engaged with several of these already but I…

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  • Rebecca Adlington – Sporty Mother

    I’m going to open by saying a thank you to everyone who made it to the launch of Echolocation at a very packed Hyde Park Book Club on Sunday.  It couldn’t have been a more special day with brilliant poetry from Michael Brown and open micers, generous compering from Matthew Hedley Stoppard and the support…

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  • Teika Bellamy – Publisher Mother

    Thanks to the support of the Leeds Big Bookend festival, my poetry pamphlet Echolocation published by Mother’s Milk Books will be launched at The Hyde Park Book Club on Sunday. I discovered Mother’s Milk after seeing a submission request for adult fairy tales and was delighted when Teika Bellamy (who, with perfect serendipity, had just read and liked my…

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