• Changing Diaries

    If you switch off when writers start talking about how they fill their diaries then do click off the screen now. If you’re still here – hello and happy New Year! I’m going to start by returning to 2016. With regards to writing, that year was an exciting one for me. There was the release…

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  • Haunt Commission

    To inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost. A place much frequented. To haunt one’s thoughts or memory. Haunt was an Imove project with fiction writer Steve Toase that sprang from his experiences and grew into a book Haunt and site-specific theatre piece of the same name. The first incarnation of the show…

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  • Medusa, Helen Mort

    I said my first reviews would be of novels written by women. That was until I saw Medusa, poet Helen Mort’s first full length theatre piece, at The Carriageworks in Leeds on Halloween night. Having long been an admirer of Helen’s, I knew the writing would be accomplished but was interested to see how she would…

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