• Second Draft of a Novel, Zoom Event and the Yaffle Prize

    These two pea plants start off in separate pots but entangle as they grow whilst retaining their roots. The protagonists in my novel do the same thing.

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  • No More Unseeing, Please

    My friend and colleague, poet Michelle Scally Clarke responds to a Maya Angelou quote and to police brutality in the poem below. This is posted with her kind permission. With George Floyd’s murder, the conversation about institutional police racism in the States has gone global. We can no longer unsee the issue, although time and…

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  • Morley Literature Festival Commission 2013

    ‘Daisy Hill’, ‘Queen Street’, ‘in bloom’, and ‘cow’ all found their way into the commissioned poem below.  But it wasn’t just these words and phrases that influenced its conception. Some of the other words collected by the festival team contained recurring motifs – the kindness and genuineness of the people; the beautiful historic buildings; Morley’s…

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