Our Alwoodley a festival of sports and games

  • Photo by Jonathan Turner @jonturner on Instagram of extract of artwork Left: On gridded paper printed on grey cloth part of a poem with phrases separated by back slashes and spaces: …nonising to lasses\ \Addle us enough\ \eye-to-eye\ \if we’re sick Right and centre: Patchwork of hexagons in different materials and muted colours interspersed by patches of ephemera e.g., a patch that includes a label with the following text: The WIRA Fineness Meter and Made at the Wool Industries Research Association Leeds and another with: I was set to spinning and doing jobs; any work that wanted doing. My knees are bent inward, ligaments relaxed. I can scarcely abide to walk up and down the room. Sometimes I am bad and am forced to go home. Blue stitches cross the gridded paper and some of the patchwork.

    No commissions for years, then several come at once

    Collaborative writing projects have always been among the most enjoyable aspects of my work. This summer, Leeds 2023 commissions have provided me with several exciting opportunities to write with others, which I wanted to share with you. In July and August, I paid two visits to Get Together in Gildersome, a group of older adults,…

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