• Second Draft of a Novel, Zoom Event and the Yaffle Prize

    These two pea plants start off in separate pots but entangle as they grow whilst retaining their roots. The protagonists in my novel do the same thing.

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  • Becky performing

    The Battered Heart Still Beats

    And no, I’m not talking politics this time. New year’s resolutions have a bad reputation – those who make them are bound to renege on them and bounce back to bad habits with a lower self-esteem because they have failed. Not always. This year my resolutions have given me focus and allowed some rainbows to…

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  • All the Ps – poetry pamphlets and Poems, Prose and Pints 

    Blogging has had to move down my priority list over the last few months. I spent September and October immersed in stimulating literature festival events and delivering workshops to adults in the community as part of my role at the University of Leeds. Then I was struck with a nasty respiratory illness and laryngitis –…

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