Matt Abbott

  • Any work that wanted doing exhibition. Becky Cherriman and Becky Moore sit on a bench in front of the work facing the camera with their arms around one another’s shoulders. Becky C is on the left wearing glasses and a blue and silver necklace in long purple dress and gold shrug. Becky M is wearing a blue and white floral dress featuring a weave of blue cloth up the front centre line to the waist. Behind them, you can see ¾ of the textile hanging, from the top. There is a photograph of a loom at the top. On the right a patchwork of hexagons in different materials and muted colours interspersed by patches of ephemera. The poem is laid out on the left and centre of the piece in a regular pattern with gaps and back slashes between phrases. The writing is unclear.

    Any work that wanted doing

    Friday night saw the launch of the Leeds 2023 Any work that wanted doing exhibition at Leeds Industrial Museum and the beginning of Heritage Open Week.

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  • The journeys writers take

    One of this month’s NaPoWriMo prompts was write about something big. I had no problem choosing my subject. Yes, I made it to Paris for the first time. It was the day of the French elections and people were queuing outside churches and municipal buildings, their expressions pensive or relaxed.

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  • Writing, Workshops, Performance and Activism in the Time of Covid

    I’m finding that blogs come rarely in the age of the pandemic. Like half the country, I caught Covid again over Christmas but (thanks to the vaccines, booster and probable Omicron variant) it was much milder than the first variant, which left me with long Covid). I hope that none of the readers of this…

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