• Interview with a travelling writer

    In this blog, I interview Marg Greenwood, who I mentored while she worked on her travel memoir, Return to Muck, about her solo travels to the Outer Hebrides after retirement.

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  • Second Draft of a Novel, Zoom Event and the Yaffle Prize´╗┐

    These two pea plants start off in separate pots but entangle as they grow whilst retaining their roots. The protagonists in my novel do the same thing.

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  • Head Above The Parapet

    The final script-in-hand reading at Room 700, Leeds Central Library drew quite a crowd. Twenty audience members came direct from the Pinched Waist workshop where had they found out more about the history of the corset, some of them even squeezing into the sample corsets that Allana Marsh had brought along. It was a rewarding…

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