• Publication, Performances and Giving Up Caffeine

    Since the number of workshops I’m running increased again, I’ve managed to stick to the pledged eight hours a week on Skybound, except that is for the week before last.  However, as last week was a week without workshops, I more than caught up then.  Without wanting to jinx it, I’m currently feeling excited about…

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  • Happy New Year – Competition Win, January Workshop And The Year Ahead

    What I’ve been up to  I was delighted to discover just before Christmas that I had WON (you always have to upper-case wins, don’t you?) first prize in last year’s Speakeasy Open Creative Writing Competition with my poem ‘Namesake’, which was a very welcome £125. You can read Here is my certificate. N.B. If you…

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  • Today’s Special Offer, January Workshop, Novel News, Poetry and More

    Current and Forthcoming For a day or so, our ebook Seven Wanders and Beyond is FREE to download. Get it on your Kindle, your pc, your Mac or your Android now.  Please do pass on to anyone you think might be interested and tell us what you think by reviewing on Amazon as we don’t…

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