Prize Draw

Behold a video of the promised prize draw for subscribers to my email newsletter, which links to this blog. It was filmed by my husband in my office (excuse the shut eyes and disappearing act). I’ll be in touch with the winners personally soon.


Forthcoming: more reviews, news about my part-time job as Creative Writing Community Development Officer at the University of Leeds and forthcoming magazine and journal publications.

Thank you again and always for reading,




2 responses to “Prize Draw”

  1. Moira Garland avatar

    Thanks for the video Becky (and well done husband 🙂 ). Might I suggest some feedback: the sound is very faint even when I turn the volume right up on the laptop. This is not just my deficient hearing, honest …

    1. beckycherriman avatar

      Hi Moira, sorry it is a bit quiet. We were recording on a mobile phone set to maximum – not the ideal recording device. Might try something different next time.

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