Deepfake Abuse

Imagine someone was to take images of you from the internet – innocent photgraphs of you taking part in everyday activities, splice them with pornographic and violent images and share them on the web. What would you do when you found out? Go to the police? What if I said this wasn’t an illegal activity in the UK?

Writer, Teacher, Mother and Broadcaster Helen Mort has dealt with such attacks on her by starting a petition to make this a crime in the eyes of the law. You can sign here.

She’s also written a poem in response to this horrific act, which could be inflicted on any one of us.

My experience of harmful ‘deepfake’ images from Helen Mort on Vimeo.

I’ve made this blog to support Helen, raise awareness and with the hope that more people will sign the petition and make this type of use of deepfake a criminal offence.


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