Centenary Celebration of Eliot’s The Waste Land & Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Bidrohi and Soundbites Reading

After too much to do and not enough to say, I am breaking my embarrassingly long blog silence to invite you to two upcoming events I am involved with.

The first is a recitation of the epic poems The Waste Land by Eliot and Kazi Nazrul Islam’s poem Bidrohi (The Rebel) accompanied by Iive music this Saturday at one of Leeds’ most loved venues, Seven Arts. I am honoured and excited to have been asked by Saudha, the Society of Poetry and Indian Music to be part of reading such an influential poem alongside artists who are among the best in their field.

Venue: Seven Arts Leeds
Date: 2 October 2021
Time: 18:00.
Register soon because space is limited

If there were water and no rock (Eliot).

I realise we are all taking the changes at a different pace and some of you will still not be ready to attend live events but if you are, I hope you will consider coming along.

Readers who are interested in online events may want to come along to a free Soundbites at 7 pm on Monday 11th October on Zoom where I am headlining. Some open mic spots are also available.
Details are here.

I hope to see some of you in person soon and that those of you crossing rocky terrain find the springs to sustain you.

Flyer for SAUDHA’s The Rebel and the Waste Land scripted by Ahmed Kaysher featuring Miles Salter, Erik Schelander, Becky Cherriman, John Farndon, Manash, Chowdhury, Shree Ganguly, Shantanu Goswami, Ehsan Ahmad Raj, Nishat Afza, Kaniz Fatema Chowdhury, Mohammed Sadif, Milly Basy, Abhra Bhowmik, Pablo Khaled

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