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  • The journeys writers take

    One of this month’s NaPoWriMo prompts was write about something big. I had no problem choosing my subject. Yes, I made it to Paris for the first time. It was the day of the French elections and people were queuing outside churches and municipal buildings, their expressions pensive or relaxed.

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  • Writing, Workshops, Performance and Activism in the Time of Covid

    I’m finding that blogs come rarely in the age of the pandemic. Like half the country, I caught Covid again over Christmas but (thanks to the vaccines, booster and probable Omicron variant) it was much milder than the first variant, which left me with long Covid). I hope that none of the readers of this […]

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  • Image of full red moon in dark sky

    Adventures of the Night

    …what many of us are missing is being with others and the sense of community. Online events have done a lot to meet that human need for connection and I really wanted this workshop to bring people together. I’ve often worked with groups to create group pieces so why not create an interactive digital story as a group? The Leeds Lit Fest took me up on it and the workshop is running on March 7th this year from midnight until six am. The results of our experiment will be hosted on their website. If you book, you will be asked to write parts of the story and help to structure it but I’ll be in charge of the techy bits i.e. making a basic story on Twine. I’m hoping it will be just as much fun as last year, if with a different flavour.

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  • Second Draft of a Novel, Zoom Event and the Yaffle Prize

    These two pea plants start off in separate pots but entangle as they grow whilst retaining their roots. The protagonists in my novel do the same thing.

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