What other people say

about her writing:

‘Whenever I’ve seen (or heard) a poem by Becky I’ve always been struck by her facility to make the rhythm work for her: that the poem is a thing made out of sound as well as sense; that the emotional flow of the poem is somehow driven by the rhythmical units of each line and stanza. So we’re constantly aware of the natural rhythms of the speaking voice and yet in no doubt that what we’re hearing is poetry’.
Ian Parks – Poet

‘My Paisley Quilt’ is a very uncomfortable piece but expertly written. The conflicting emotions of horror and aesthetic beauty were amazing and odd. It reminded me of A Joycean epiphany.’
Brendan McPartlan – Compere, Wicked Words

Becky Cherriman‘s ‘Grief Trilogy’ is a series of lovely flash-fiction pieces that outline the life of a girl born to tragedy. The descriptions in this piece are really top-notch, and although the pieces are brief they are very well-executed, as in [the] scene when a dying man meets the girl named Grief.
Bethany Pope – Poet, Sabotage Reviews, The Forgotten and the Fantastical: Modern Fables and Ancient Tales ed. Teika Bellamy

‘Urchin’ is a beautifully-constructed poem, and terribly sad. The protagonist has suffered domestic abuse…Yet this isn’t a bleak poem, somehow – the wonderful sea images are exquisite: ‘glimpsed worlds in the/full hollow of her stiff skirts’, and the joining of the drowning pair – ‘…together in the/bluegreen of the gull cry’ is a triumph… Not a wasted word here.’
Cathy Bryant – Judge of Mother’s Milk Books Writing Prize 2014

‘She finds the personality of her characters, whether they are a young boy embarrassed by his hippie mother, a woman who falls in love with her house or a car park. I think Becky’s real strength lies in the magic realism element of her storytelling. In one of my favourite stories Becky takes the viewpoint of a nightclub’s car park, expressing its joy at the colour brought by the weekend’s ravers. I would highly recommend Becky.’
Steve Toase – Writer and Archaeologist

about her performances:

‘Becky gave some of her earliest performances of her flash fiction and poetry for us at the Writers Cafe in Stockton on Tees some years ago. Even then she held the audience spellbound and the after-show response was pretty good. More recently I saw Becky perform in Lincoln and was highly impressed with how much she has developed and how skilfully and naturally she delineated her fiction and poetry in such an entertaining and meaningful way. She knows how to read an audience and develop a rapport, leaving them wanting more. She comes highly recommended.’
Trev Teasdel – Organiser of The Writers Café

‘Becky has an unusual stage presence. It made me feel as if I was alone with her in a room while surrounded by many people. This odd intense intimacy in a public place lent her words a surreal quality; like being sung to in a dream.’
Barney George – Theatre Designer and Craftsman

‘Superb storytelling from Becky. There was something very calm and sincere about the way she performed and I could see that the audience were completely drawn in by her.’
Karen Harvey – Total Image Review

‘We had Becky as our featured artist in November 2009 and she attracted and entertained the largest audience up to that date so we invited her back in May 2010 which was again a highly successful evening. It is a pleasure to hear Becky, her writing varies from intensely personal to very funny.’
Nicola Everill – Poems, Prose & Pints Organiser

‘The poem wants to be read aloud.  And why not? It was born for it. Mythic but unpatronizing; allusive but down-to-earth, the poem keeps faith with the primary visceral texture of language. More neat parallelism being built into l.30 − 33, l.43 − 45 comes out in performance as so much savoured language.’
Ed Ferrari – Republic of Yorkshire

‘A female Alan Bennett.’
Graham Chalmers – Harrogate Advertiser

‘Real balls’
Several audience members

about the films:

‘How do you make a film of a poem about rape?  Poet Becky Cherriman and director Pru Fowler take a minimalist approach, with an unflinching close-up on the author’s face and her impeccable, understated delivery. The result is way more than just another talking-head-style spoken-word poetry video’
Dave Bonta – Moving Poems

‘Pillion is a lovely thing.’
Antony Dunn – Poet

about her workshops:

‘The standard of your teaching is exceptional and your encouragement of the group really showed in the final performance in the theatre. Thanks for all your professionalism and hard work and I hope we will work together again soon.’
Nicky Taylor – Heydays

‘The whole event went so smoothly and what a good-sized audience! I was delighted when I saw them bringing extra chairs in at the back, and the whole audience seemed so enthusiastic, one or two stopped me on the way out to say how much they had enjoyed it.’
WEA Participant

‘Thank you again for a great term of creative thinking and writing. I look forward to your next course.’
WEA Participant

‘Writing about my problems made me realise I was lonely and face up to it.’
Participant with learning disabilities

‘I felt like I was living in darkness a world full of shades of grey when I first started the course. By the end I am starting to live in colour using words and music and art to express myself and connect with others on the course and make friends. We are all planning to keep in touch even though the course has finished and I have made some very good friends which has been great for me as I find this so difficult to do… I have been able to open up about my past experiences to my new friends and this has been very beneficial as I feel I have found my voice.’
Participant living with mental health issues

‘I never thought I could do it but this course and your support has given me the confidence to go on to study English GCSE at college.’
Participant with learning disabilities.

‘I couldn’t write before I came here, not at all.  Now I am writing stories at home.’
Participant recovering from a stroke.

‘I’ve got more confidence and not just in performing but in other areas of my life.  For example I now feel confident enough to go into a shop and speak to the shop assistant.’
Participant who Becky met several years into recovering from a stroke.

‘You let people be who they are.’
Staff member

‘You have made my time at Writers so much fun.  You always know how to help and your advice is the best. You do however put me often to the writing test…Ilkley Young Writers is one of the best things I ever joined.’
Young writer

‘You’ve taught me a lot of things that I’m sure I’ll carry with me through life and I’ve loved coming to the group so much.  It’s not the same without your wacky ideas and zany warm-up exercises.  I’ll miss you.’
Young writer